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It brought online bookstores to people. Now Amazon is bringing Electronic Book Reader to readers and the device to read them with too. We're stepping into the future of reading as more people catch on to reading ebooks. Without doubt, the Kindle ebook reader has done wonders in paving the way and now we have the Kindle 2, bigger, faster and more powerful. Fasten your seatbelts!

As with most things modern, reading is inevitably trending towards being e-based. It starts with the shopping, ordering and then receiving (downloading) of the books. All this is accomplished in one go online in a matter of minutes. Even the reading proper is hi-tech. It is reading made easy by technology and if it could 'change Oprah's life', it will change yours too.

There are several brands of electronic book readers to choose from in the market. Having that said, don't bother to look beyond the top of the pack as many of the rest are still in beta. By far the two most proven brands are the Amazon Kindle and Sony PRS. Both have generated running series and are already into their latter models. The consensus though, is Amazon with its Kindle 2 is fast drawing away from competition with Sony's flagship PRS - 700 a distant second.

If you're in the market for an Electronic Book Reader, you must act fast especially if it's a Kindle 2 you're after. Quoted delivery lead-time averaged 10 weeks during the holiday season although you can also buy Kindle 2 ex-stock on eBay but that would likely involve a price premium. People are packing away their hard copy books and they are going digital with their reading. That seems to be both fashion and function these days.

To Buy Kindle 2 are a boon not only to people, they are environmentally friendly too. Imagine the number of trees a top brand like Kindle can be credited with saving from the paper mill for books let alone the total effect of all e book reader brands combined. Through the Whispersync, the 15 million or so iPhones and iPod Touches are recently equipped to read Amazon e-titles making them green too overnight.

Most of all, e-books make economic sense too. They averagely cost half that of their hard-paper counterpart. On top of it, e-readers save on the conventional travel and logistic costs as the whole process of shopping, purchasing and receiving can all be done online free-of-charge through Amazon wireless Whispernet network anywhere in the US. Readers can also sample the beginning of titles free of charge before deciding to Buy Kindle 2.

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Buying Kindle 2

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This article was published on 2010/09/15